Here's just some fun images of my work in PMXE.
Such as W.I.P images, goofs and plans of upcoming stuff.

Current Plans:

Hone White Dress outfit

Currently working on her second outfit...

Kikuo Miku 4 Model

W.I.P of Flaky from HTF Model

Made the base of the model in Vroid Studio, Quills are from her original
ripped model from the Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm Game

I want her to resemble the cartoon style, so I'm attempting cel shading/flat toons for that effect.

Mizery animation test.

I wanted her to move snake like, it's very tedious to animate with all those bones.
The second image here, I gave her spine bones physics so now her body moves freely with her head.
I do like how much easier it is to make her move now but I wish I had more control of her physics.

Test gifs for the Music Video

I wanted to try out smalls scenes for concepts I had.
One which was the Platter Heart. I had to add Squash and Stretch sliders to simulate it's bounciness.

In this concept I customized a Doll Model to look like Alice using shapes made in Paint 3D.

In the scene, Fed bites the head off the doll making it's plush fall out.
I customized a particle emitter effect although it was pretty difficult controlling it at first

This is a model I had originally made in the 3D creature creator game Spore!

There's a collada export option so I put it into PMXE and rigged it!
Facials are very difficult though, I hope to get better at them one day!

I was trying to scale a specific UV Map after not realzing I had selected the entire model.

Funny though because it looked super trippy!

I leave you with this image

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