Here's just some fun images of my work in PMXE.
Such as W.I.P images, goofs and plans of upcoming stuff.

Hone White Dress outfit

Currently working on her second outfit...

Kikuo Miku 4 Model

W.I.P of Flaky from HTF Model

Made the base of the model in Vroid Studio, Quills are from her original
ripped model from the Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm Game

I want her to resemble the cartoon style, so I'm attempting cel shading/flat toons for that effect.

Mizery animation test.

I wanted her to move snake like, it's very tedious to animate with all those bones.
The second image here, I gave her spine bones physics so now her body moves freely with her head.
I do like how much easier it is to make her move now but I wish I had more control of her physics.

Test gifs for the Music Video

I wanted to try out smalls scenes for concepts I had.
One which was the Platter Heart. I had to add Squash and Stretch sliders to simulate it's bounciness.

In this concept I customized a Doll Model to look like Alice using shapes made in Paint 3D.

In the scene, Fed bites the head off the doll making it's plush fall out.
I customized a particle emitter effect although it was pretty difficult controlling it at first

This is a model I had originally made in the 3D creature creator game Spore!

There's a collada export option so I put it into PMXE and rigged it!
Facials are very difficult though, I hope to get better at them one day!

I was trying to scale a specific UV Map after not realzing I had selected the entire model.

Funny though because it looked super trippy!

I leave you with this image

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