MMD 3D Ukagaka Models by me!

Here are all the Web Characters I've made in MMD so far!
All these models are made with Vroid and PMX Editor,
with awesome resources from DeviantArt and some self made parts!

None of these characters and their designs are by me,
most of their designs have originated from
Futaba Channel (2Chan) and their original websites.
I'll try to link their original download sites if I can.
Under each character will have a download to their Nar. or Folder files.
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Ukagaka Characters

Unyuu Model


Aruto's Nar File


Sakura's Nar File


Busuko's Nar File

Mimimi and Damien

Mimimi's Nar File

Mayura Wiz

Mayura's Nar File

Ukagaka Alternative Balloon Downloads!