Alice "Angel" Face

Age: 19 years old

Personality: Naive, Generous, Sometimes Fussy, Pessimistic but has Perseverance.


After her parents kicked her out of the house at 18, Alice lives by herself in New York city as a mail carrier. Her parents leave her with little as she has lived with enough of a easy, rich lifestyle and they wish to teach her about shortcomings and independence. Collecting stamps and answering random online surveys in her tiny apartment she makes a dull living until she meets a man with wealth and charm. He showers her with affection and she believes she's found a beautiful light at the end of the long empty tunnel.

But being foolish she falls into his trap, learning who he really is and why he has his sights on her.

Art to date

From most recent to latest

2020 Profile of new Alice Model

2019 Gore Practice !!WARNING!! Disturbing Imagery(Violence/Gore)

2019 Chibi Alice Jumping

2019 MMD Recreation of Lily Story Outfit

2029 Alice's First 3D Model

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