Age: 26 years old

Personality: Motherly, Responsible, Optimistic, Abrasive, and Enthusiastic.


Angel is a strong character with important abilities helping to her cause. She is a valuable gaurd to her secret world inhabited by enlightners such as her.
With the vision of creating a world of change, she dedicates the rest of her after life to turning the rotten good once more.
She believe's anyone can be a good person, no matter where you've come from or what you've become.
With her spiritual powers, reviving people right after death to give them a second chance.

But when she tries to save someone from the end of their life, it may be the end of hers.

Art to date

From most recent to latest

2020 Cover art for Blame

2020 MMD Past Models to Newest!

2020 Design Update

2020 Angie with "Major Scythe"

2019 Model Remake 2

2019 Ballroom Concept Art

2019 Chapter Cover

2019 MMD Recreation of Lily Story Outfit

2019 Angel Old Model Profile

2019 Cover art for "Angel's Odyssey"

2019 Angel's First full body reference

2019 The first art piece of Angel

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