Flan "Flamingo" Remira

Age: 13 years old

Personality: Benevolent, Short Tempered, Independent, Likes having things her way, and Empathetic.


Flamingo is a tough little cookie, taking charge of things she does not find fair. This leads her strongly through life, along with her young confidence as she lives alone with her Grandmother after her parent's untimely disappearance. It's her duty to take care of her Grandmother and their house as she hopes to solve the mystery of her parent's strange past and future. While her Grandmother sells beautiful paintings, Flamingo continues on in school and chores waiting for her parent's to maybe one day come back to her.

But a strange event may uncover more about her parent's than she would ever imagine

Art to date

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2019 Album Art for "Just a Kid"

2019 MMD Recreation of Lily Story Outfit

2019 MMD Effects Test

2019 Devil Flamingo

2019 PR Screenshot Recreation

2019 Expirimental Sketch

2019 Cheerleader Sketch

2019 Pretty Packaging

2019 Flamingo Old Model Profile

2018 The very first art peice of Flamingo!

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