Federick Grant

Age: 22 years old

Personality: Selfish, Entitled, Cunning, Exuberant and Desperate.


The aftermath of many badly ending relationships cause Fed to end at rock bottom. Feeling hopeless in his search for a lifetime companion to fill the emptiness in him, he wants to let it all go. Especially after the violent scene from what he hopes to be his last break up ever. From the desecration of his faith, a saviour gives back his life giving him a chance to see the significance of his goals.But when he fails to do so once more, the saviour gives him a curse to bring him to his lost senses. It will be his last chance to find the person that can help him save his life.

But the journey to find and cherish such person may lead to an unhealthy obsession.

Art to date

From most recent to latest

2020 Profile of new Fed Model

2019 Fuzzy painting

2019 MMD Older model of Fed

2019 Dark Sketch

2029 First art piece of Fed!

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