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Om nom nom.


A very important piece to me. This is the cover art for my Magnum Opus song Bloodstained2

If you are wondering where Bloodstained 1 is...I don't know- probably just a Demo


A bit of a spoiler, so I wont explain much. This was used as cover art for The Curse

Wedding Day

I love wedding imagery and symbolism.
I had these concepts in my head where the biggest moment is a wedding day.
As well as the idea that it could all go really wrong!

Best Buds

Another piece, I really wanted to capture their friendship.
It's never a romantic relationship and purely platonic.
They really depend on eachother, like siblings but stronger.

Gucci Gang

First ever finished piece of Alice and Fed

Russian Roulette fun!

A sketch I wasn't really feeling so I never finished!

Flamingo Poster

A very large image I am pretty proud of.
It's a very big piece trying to figure out what kind of feel I want for the series.

The first finished piece including ???? and Behai.

The desrciption of the art is very old lore decisions which I've drastically changed.

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