Here is some info on my Music Hobby!

I made my very first song 2 years ago. It was...pretty bad. Lol. But it was really fun!
I like to play around on my keyboard just to see what I can play and every now and then I catch a nice tune.
I use Fl Studio 20 and maaaany free Vsts!~

^^ Click Here for my SoundCloud! ^^

^^ And here for my YouTube! ^^

Album in the Works...

I am currently working on my 5th album. The 4th one isn't released yet though, but will be soon.

This 5th album- Mikilly- is a full vocaloid album~
I'm very happy with it so far!

This album will include:

Cool New Dream Time
Leave Me Alone Again
Oh What a Day
And Bonus Tracks!

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