With many different mediums bring many different
programs to use! Here is a list of programs and
sites I use to create my art!

3D Programs


MikuMikuDance is a 2008 Freeware program, originally developed for users to make Hatsune Miku dance videos.
I've been using this program since 2014 to display my PMX models and create 3D Animations!

PMX Editor

PMX Editor (Short for Polygon Model eXtender Editor) is one of those programs I've used for hours!
It is the main tool I use to put my MMD Models together! I am actually using two different versions
of PMX Editor for certain things.

PmxEditor vr.0254f English Version - v2.0

English Pmx Editor - v1.1

Metasequoia 4

Metasequoia 4 is a 3D modeling program that is highly compatible with PMD Models
(The previous version of PMX). It has a lot of good features but I've never used it for actual 3D Modeling,
I only use it for small editing and splitting materials better.