Nice to meet you!!!

Although I'm not really meeting you,
I'm glad you are checking out my page!
I'm Killy! You can also call me Killian or Kilika.

My main goal in life is to create and collect mesmerizing things!
I love to create Music, Animations, Scultpures and Digital Art!
I'm highly inspired by artists such as Gekidan Inu Curry, Kikuo, Muship,
SOOOO, Trevor Henderson, Plastiboo and many many more!

Trading Cards

Pokemon, Animal Crossing Amiibos, Webkinz, Madoka Magica,
Five Nights at Freddies, My Little Pony, Project Diva,
Card Captor Sakura, and NeturnMon!

Video Games and Consoles

I have many game consoles at the moment and I hope on getting more. Game consoles from different years are just the coolest, they all have different games and styles. Currently I own 3DS XL, DSI XL, Nintendo Switch, PSP and I hope on getting either a Wii U or a PS2 one day!
Although just collecting consoles isn't as important as the games!

My favorite types of games are Simulators, Puzzle Games, Rythm Games and sometimes Shooter Games!

My Steam is Killy!

CD Games, Albums and Books

My Dad always says that collecting physical CD albums is pointless now that everything is online. He has a big CD collection but of course our times are very different. I aboslutely love having physical copies of something over digital. It's in your hands! You OWN it, and you can display, look at it, do whatever! It's yours forever!

I love my book shelves, with a big variety of books! I've got Manga, Magazines, Comic Books, Family Guy Trivia Book, Computer Manuals, just a bunch of random stuff.

Anime Figures

Obviously I collect Anime Figures. I mean, anime characters are so cute...and then in a 3D form, even cuter, and then in real life sculpted awesomely! If you'd like to know more about my collection, check me out on MFC here! (Feel free to add me as friend too!)

Digital Things...

As much as I love physical copies of things, I also enjoy the archiving/preservation of digital media. This includes old games, websites and overall obscure and lost internet culture. I have many folders with many files of just abandonedware, images from archived websites and more. Here is as well a list of interesting and cool websites I've found over the years:

I'll be updating the list every now and then.

3D Textures:

Pixar One Twenty Eight 3Dxo 3D Textures Texurer 3DTotal
Environment Textures Textures 3D Texture Turbosquid


Discogs Sampleoidz Acapellas4U


CuteKawaiiResources Peachie's Collection
KawaiiMaterials JansGraphics Glitter Graphics

Video Games:

My Abandonware Macintosh Repository Obscuritory
Software Archives Abandonware DOS Old Games WowRoms


(Popee The Performer) ポピーザぱフォーマー Planet Mall
The Models Resource Freddie Freaker ezGIF Online Convert Fsymbols