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Supermarket's Fish Aisle is their debut album consisting of 10 songs

  • 1 How To be Super Funny
  • 2 Shapeshifter
  • 3 UiUiMui
  • 4 Handsome Man
  • 5 You Who is Made of Goo
  • 6 Fweee~!
  • 7 Morphogenesis
  • 8 Zoroland
  • 9 999

With each episode comes a Music Video for the corresponding song.

Concept Art

Here is a sort of mock up of the album cover.

Album Songs

While I am currently in the process of refining all the songs, there are several versions released to listen to. However, these versions may not reflect the final album release versions of the songs as I very often remaster and remix them every few months to ensure their final version is perfect!

Latest SoundCloud Releases

Killy · HTBSF 2023 June

Killy · Shapeshifter (2023)

Killy · UiUiMui (2023)

Killy · Handsome Man 2023

Killy · You Who is Made of Goo 20.09.23

Killy · Fweee~! Extended

Killy · Morphogenesis 2023

Killy · Zoroland (2023)

Killy · 999 Instrumental (slight remaster)

Bonus Tracks

A long with the main 10 songs, I've made many short (and sometimes longer) bonus tracks. These usually come about when I'm bored, or trying to write a new song for the album with no success.

Killy · Porperro Extended

Killy · Rararula

Killy · Sonar

Killy · Cake

Killy · Princess Of Algae

Killy · CoolKillsPeople1

Killy · Really Untitled

Full Playlist of "Dump Songs"