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Longer Description

Supermarket is an Indipendent 3D Animated Web Series currently in the works. The series follows the siblings of the Chanterelle household as well as their friends and family, all living in a outward-perspective wacky world.

The series is first and foremost a comedy but can also have macabre and questioning themes and leaves you with no real lessons.

One major gimmick to the series is the musical intergration and the existence of the in-universe band titled same as the series.

However, the music doesn't play a major role or is really canon in the story and is just for experimental entertainment.
Each episode includes a Music Video after the episode's cold open. The song might relate to the episode in some ways or it could be completely seperate and not even within the universe's story line. It makes you question what the band is really capabale of and how much is real.

The show is currently set for one season of 10 episodes with a paired 10 song album. The season will take place in the span of a year where you will get to know the characters in different seasons and environments.I hope to be as versatile in each episode as possible while staying consistent with the level of action and new information.

Tools of Use

MikuMikuDance (MMD) is a 3D free animation software that I use to animate the scenes for the series.
PmxEditor (PmxE) is a program used a long with MMD to create 3D Models to animate with. This program is where I finalize the 3D models of all the characters, objects, and locations to animate.
Metasequoia 4
Metaseqouia 4 (Meta4) is a 3D Modeling program where I can create and edit 3D models to use for the animation.
VRroid Studio
VRoid Studio is a program in where I can make the initial humanoid base models of all the characters. This includes adding the hair and clothes to then be edited in Meta4 and PmxE.
Sweet Home 3D
Sweet Home 3D (SH3D) is a software where I can create 3D locations for scenes in the series. This includes creating a layout for houses and buildings.
FL Studio 20
FL Studio is a digital audio workstation (DAW) where I create all my music. Every song in the album was made in FL Studio with free and paid VSTs, Soundfonts and Samples.

Miscellaneous Resources

The Model Resource
The Model Resource is a website that provides many models ripped from videogames. I sometimes use models and parts from this site.
DeviantArt has a great 3D Model and MMD community which provide many free and pay to use resources for Models and Animations.
3D Warehouse
3D Warehouse is a website with many user provided 3D models to use. I often find nice 3D objects such as furntiture to use here.

List of all programs used

Here is a simple list of every program with links that is used in the creation of this show.

3D Modeling Software

Audio Software

Video Software

Digital Art Software

  • Photoshop CS5