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01: How To Be Super Funny

02: Shapeshifter

03: UiUiMui

04: Handsome Man

05: You Who Is Made Of Goo

06: The Shopping Song

07: Morphogenesis

08: Zoroland

09: 999


Bonus Songs

Anathema God Tenement

For My 1000th Birthday

Cool Kills People

Perfect Person

Heaven Angel Doctor

Mushroom Forest

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Anything you wanna know about my art process, the programs, or SUPERMARKET itself?

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Q: i really like ur ocs!! how long have u had them??

A: The siblings I first thought of 3 years ago while I was in therapy school. (DECEMBER 17, 2019 was when I posted the first ever OC for Supermarket)
Originally, they were called the therapy boys and I initially made them to cope with my mental illnesses. Evan was based off of a sticker I put on my books of a smiley face flower. Ted was inspired by a small plush teddy bear keychain I took around with me. Chuck was made after I drew a creepy stick figure and Sam was actually based off of an "entitiy" I saw during sleep paralysis.
Then I made Killy as my new persona but she became more of her own seperate thing and then joining the therapy boys. Cookie really came out of no where when I suddenly wanted to design some random silly character.

Here are some of the very first designs of the characters!

Q: hi there!! im totally obsessed with all ur art + ur ocs and im really curious as to how u make them! especially with what programs u use or how u make the models, im not sure if you've posted ur general process somewhere already (im sorry if u have and I've missed it) but id love to hear how u do it :D

A: Thank you! My art process is usually scattered about on my platforms but for a more cohesive rundown:

Character ideas really come out of no where. Alot of my characters are based off of people I meet in dreams. I have thousands of sketches of these characters and their deisgns often change slightly over time with my interests.

When making the models it usually starts with a sketch. What's most important is a clear reference so the process goes more smoothly. The very first step in making the 3D Model is creating the base in Vroid Studio. It's a free 3D character creation sofwtare! Then I export it as VRM file and convert it into the PMX Model format through Unity.
Usually, most of the process is done in PMX Editor Where I edit the model. I'll add clothes, edit textures, rig, add physics, anything to complete the model to then use in MikuMikuDance, the freeware animation program. Very often I do a lot of editing and create parts for the model in Metaseqouia 4 which is a 3D Modeling program made to work along with MikuMikuDance.

             1. First Sketch/Concept Art                   2. Clear Reference                   3. Parts created and edited in Meta4           4. Finished Model put together in PMX Editor